Biomindx invites its clients to enter the rising cannabis industry to benefit from the economic growth of the cannabis market. The company offers plots of land which is hosting cannabis plants. These cannabis plant plots generate profits with every harvest for lifetime.

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Biomindx is an innovative European cannabinoid research and production group of companies located in the Czech Republic (Prague) and Greece. In cooperation with Greek manufacturers of medical cannabis, the Biomindx project offers private individuals the opportunity to benefit from the Cannabigerol Market. The project combines a full range of services in Europe and internationally which includes plant growing services, biological science, genetics and seeds, international production, white labeling, marketing and branding, supply chain management and distribution processes.

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Become a member of Biomindx today and start benefiting through the rising cannabis industry!

Biomindx Services

Latest Technologies
Innovative breeding technologies are required to optimize the plants in order to have high CBG content while maintaining low THC content. This is necessary to be allowed and accepted on the global market.
Medical Cannabis
The worldwide interest in health related cannabis is increasing steadily. Biomindx participates in the medical cannabis market and cooperates with pharmaceutical companies and governments.
Recreational Cannabis
Cannabis works naturally together with the body’s own system. This makes cannabis a convenient recreational source of stimulation. In addition, cannabis may be beneficial for a variety of complaints.
Passive Income
Biomindx offers private individuals the opportunity to enter the cannabis industry in order to get lifetime profits. Without having to worry about knowledge in cultivation, sales and much more.
Register for free and without any obligation!
Register for free and without any obligation!
Biomindx Cannabis Plant Plots

The Biomindx production facilities are fully equipped for year-round growing environments. This includes light protection curtains, in-floor heating and powerful growing lights for the winter. The Biomindx cannabis plants are the origin of the increasingly known component called Cannabigerol (CBG). All major cannabinoids such as THC or CBD found in cannabis evolve into a single component called cannabigerolic acid (CBGA), which is the acidic pre-stage of CBG.

plus 21 % VAT
  • *Approx. 35 g per harvest
  • *Approx. 35 € per harvest
  • *Every 3-4 Months
  • *Lifetime Income
plus 21 % VAT
  • *Approx. 350 g per harvest
  • *Approx. 350 € per harvest
  • *Every 3-4 Months
  • *Lifetime Income
plus 21 % VAT
  • *Approx. 1.750 g per harvest
  • *Approx. 1.750 € per harvest
  • *Every 3-4 Months
  • *Lifetime Income

*As these are biological plants, only approximate numbers can be given without any guarantee or warranty. The given approximate numbers of grams / compensation (in euros) per harvest and the frequency of harvests are based on past products. These indicated, approximate values are those that the end customer (Biomindx Member) will receive after all deductions. The definition of *Lifetime Income is based on the customer’s ownership of the plants and also on the existence of Biomindx itself.

Sign up for free and without any obligation!

Sign up for free and without any obligation!

Your Lifetime Income

You will be able to generate a *Lifetime Income through Biomindx by following three easy steps. In the first step you need to create a Biomindx Account which is non-binding and free of charge. Afterwards you have the possibility to check the offers of the company in order to purchase cannabis plants.

From now on the experts of the Biomindx Grow-Team will take care of your cannabis plants regarding optimal irrigation, aeration, fertilization and pest control. The harvest takes place *every three to four months. The cannabis plants are cloned immediately after each harvest without additional costs!

Free Registration

First of all a Biomindx Account is needed. The registration of it is non-binding and free of charge. In the first step you may check the offers of the company.

Purchase Plants

In the second step at least one cannabis plant should be purchased. Therefore, you need to navigate to the relevant menu item in the Biomindx Dashboard.

Plant Harvest

In the third step your cannabis plants will be harvested. Your cannabis plants will die after each harvest, but will be cloned continuously without extra costs!

BioMindX - Testimonial - Antoni Brzezicki

Antoni Brzezicki

The world is starting to realize the high medical potential of cannabis while I understood that this is the right time to act wisely!

BioMindX - Testimonial - Amanda Tumicelli

Amanda Tumicelli

To join in something useful that improves human health and at the same time generates a passive income finally convinced me.

BioMindX - Testimonial - Hendrik Raskob

Hendrik Raskob

I am constantly looking for innovative and unique business opportunities. This is why I have decided to try the Biomindx Cannabis Project.

BioMindX - Testimonial - Henrietta Schorel

Henrietta Schorel

My husband suffer from Parkinson and uses cannabis since then which helps him a lot. That’s why we decided to assist this amazing company!

BioMindX - Testimonial - Kristofor Babić

Kristofor Babić

Money that is not actually needed should be invested efficiently I guess. This is the reason I decided to go with the unique Biomindx Concept.

BioMindX - Testimonial - Christina Eckert

Christina Eckert

Tell friends about a good thing and earn some extra money with it as well? I am really happy to be part of the Biomindx Affiliate Program!

BioMindX - Testimonial - Kilian Lynch

Kilian Lynch

In my opinion, saving money is not worth it at all nowadays. With the help of Biomindx I make my money grow in the truest sense of the word.

BioMindX - Testimonial - Sofia Tamm

Sofia Tamm

A passive and also lifetime income with the option to earn additional money by using the Biomindx Network Marketing – I am totally in love!

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